Budgeting & Forecasting

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Financial Ratios Template

Provided By Potential.com, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   Benefits:   Financial ratios measure your company’s productivity.  There are many ratios you can use, but they all measure how good a job your company is doing in using its assets, generating profits fr

Calculating Your Break Even Point

Provided By Potential.com, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   Benefits: Break-even analysis is used to determine when your business will be able to cover all its expenses and begin to make a profit.  The level of sales at which profit is zero is called the break-even point. To calcu

Start-up Costs Worksheet

Provided By Potential.com, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE Benefits:You need an investment to start a new project or a new business.Do you know what are your one-time costs of items that would still have a value later? (e.g. your assets such as equipment, furniture etc.)Do you k

Initial Cash Requirements

The costs of starting a business are often underestimated. New entrepreneurs should consider, at a minimum, six months personal and business cash flow to have an idea of the initial costs they will have to bear. Complete the tables in the Excel file that you can download below. The summary table wil

Cash Flow Sensitivity Analysis Worksheet

The cash flow budget worksheet allows the sensititvity analysis of your cash flow. Insert your cash flow informations in the middle column "expected cash flow" and the tool will calculate pessimistic and optimistic scenarios assuming a variation of 25% in receipts and disbursements. This is intended

Tactics to Avoid Lowering Your Prices

Many small businesses find themselves feeling pressure to lower their prices. It may come when a low-priced competitor shows up in your market, or when a pinched economy hits your industry. Yet few small businesses can afford to get themselves involved in a price war. There are a handful of times wh

Pricing Q&A's

Whether you sell a product or service, the price you charge your customer will have a direct impact on the success of your business. Unfortunately, pricing is one of the least understood facets of running a small business. Many small business owners calculate their basic costs, and then pick a price

Four basic elements for effective financial management

Provided by Potential.com, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   Basic elements for effective financial management. This video explains the four basic elements for effective financial management: Budgeting & forecasting, bookkeeping, optimizing cash flow, reporting.   

Achieving Lowest Expenses

OBJECTIVE: Your business growth will come about by not only making money but by carefully investing the cash produced by frugal spending. You will learn the importance of minimizing your expenses and how to achieve it. Wealth accumulation is a matter of frugality The man next door The power of c

Practical Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Budgeting

Provided By Potential.com, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE Budgeting is the plan and guide to your financial success. It helps you attain your financial goals. It controls your spending by comparing your budgets to your actual payouts. Without a carefully thought-out budget, you risk going ou

Accounting Pitfalls SMEs Should Avoid

Provided By Potential.com, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE Do not think of accounting as separate of the business processes. This is usually the result of the lack of integration and one of the most common pitfalls for startups and SMEs.   Accounting is a task that should be done on a d