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Performance Review Template

Provided By, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   Benefits:   The journal is a chronological (day-by-day) record of business transactions. At convenient intervals, the debit and credit amounts recorded in the journal are transferred (posted) to the accounts in th

Sample Employee Leave & Time-Off Policy

In the absence of a personal time-off policy, when has an employee called in sick enough times to justify dismissal? How many days off are appropriate when a family member is sick or dies? Do you have any choice about paying an employee who is on a jury or spending two weeks at reserve training? Whi

Basic Guide to Working Hours and Leaves in the UAE

Provided By Lesley Yap for Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, SME Knowledge UAE   Working Hours Limits on Working Hours As per Article (65) of the UAE Labour Law, the maximum number of normal working hours most adult employees can be required to work in a day is e