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Employee Timesheets

The attached file contains daily, weekly and monthly timesheets to help you improve your human resources management. These forms, when completed by your employees, will not only help you calculate their hours worked and regular pay rates, but can become part of your payroll records to show how you a

Bonuses: How To Be Fair

Bonuses can be a great motivation tool, even for employees of the smallest business. They can also be a waste of money. How they are planned and administered makes the difference. Properly administered bonuses can reinforce behavior that will lead your company to success by rewarding people for maki

The U.A.E. Wages Protection System

Provided By Lesley Yap for Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, SME Knowledge UAE   Since 2009, The United Arab Emirates has demonstrated significant efforts towards ensuring and protecting the rights of workers in the UAE with the implementation of the Wages Protection System (WP