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Branding Identity Worksheet

Provided By, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE Benefits: Branding is what differentiates your products and services from your competitors',  defines your company’s mission and vision, and creates a unique company culture that all employees adhere ...

Copywriting Basics

Different types of ads require different copy guidelines. An effective newspaper ad won't necessarily work in your local Yellow Pages. Your approach in radio commercials may differ significantly from what you say in a magazine ad. These tips are designed to help you create ads that work. Be aware t...

Rules for Effective Advertising

Provided by, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   This video talks about brand or product advertising stating the main rules for an effective advertising. In addition it studies the case of Blendtec, a great example of advertisement.  For more videos , please vis...

How to Define Your Product

Provided by, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   This video talks about the product , a key element of the marketing 7Ps. To define your product, answer the following four questions: What is the product type, who is the target audience , what is the unique selling p...

Flaunt your product through smart marketing

Provided by, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE Advertising and marketing can’t be interchangeably used. The latter is an umbrella term which incorporates the former. Marketing is about business development. Knowing the target market and being able to unleash yo...