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Vertical Integration

OBJECTIVE: Growing your business could include getting into one or more additional operating levels that occur within your industry. Vertical integration is an option to explore. In this session, you will cover the potential opportunities and risks associated with vertical integration. What is ver

Getting Your Team in Place

OBJECTIVE: This session will help you get your team ready for growth. Your growth plan should incorporate ongoing reviews of the business plan, appropriate delegation of authority, initiating appropriate employee incentives, creation of training tools and manuals, deployment of efficient communicat

An overview of benchmarking and its substantial benefits

Provided by, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE “Benchmarking” is the systematic process of searching for best practices that lead to continuous improvement and positive change, and is one of the most effective management tools which bring about quantum-leaps

Quality management and its significance to your businesses

Provided by, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE Quality management is, by definition, the process of planning, controlling, assuring, and improving quality; both in business operations and productivity, with the objective of achieving and maintaining a desired level of ex

Time is indeed money!

Provided by, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE Do you know what time is it now? Did you complete the list of tasks you were supposed to perform today? What is the backlog that is still there? Have you ever realized how much of your nine hours at work are actually being w

You can always be a star but not a regular winner; team matters!

Provided by, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   Do you know that it doesn’t matter if you are a master of one or a jack-of-all-trades in today’s world?  You are nothing if you can’t be a part of group; perform your individual duty while keepin