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Dubai SME - Resource Center

GEM UAE - Entrepreneurship - An Emirati Perspective

This report examines key aspects of entrepreneurship among Emiratis measuring their attitudes, activities, and aspirations. It reveals that Emiratis have positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship with nearly 80 per cent perceiving entrepreneurship as a good career choice and 60 per cent seeing goo

GEM UAE 2011 Report

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) UAE 2011 Report, now in its fifth year, provides thorough information on the latest trends in entrepreneurial activities and perspectives in the UAE. The aim of the report is to assist in drawing up an entrepreneurship policy framework, which provides the ba

GEM UAE 2009 Report

In 1998, The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) was created with the objective to collect relevant harmonized data on an annual basis from different countries and to bring together academics from all over the world to work on a common research program. The GEM study has three key objectives: 


The purpose of this exercise is to bring more awareness to the applicants (current and future applicants) to better understand risks associated with their respective business, understand the likelihood and impact of those risks, and better understand how to minimize or mitigate those risks.Attachmen