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Succession Planning Template

Provided By, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   Benefits: The journal is a chronological (day-by-day) record of business transactions. At convenient intervals, the debit and credit amounts recorded in the journal are transferred (posted) to the accounts in the ledg

5 Solid Fundamentals for Expansion

Provided by, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE   Expanding your Business. What defines expansion? What do you need to expand? This video explains the important 5 solid fundamentals for expansion: Good Strategy, Strong Culture, Solid Operational Procedures, Reput

A catalyst for change – good Corporate Governance can supercharge your business

Provided By Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), Strategic Partner for the SME Knowledge UAE Under the terms of the new Companies Act, Corporate Governance is an important responsibility for all businesses. It focuses on key activities that can help SMEs ‘raise the bar’ acros