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OBJECTIVE: When you have decided which business is right for you, you will have three important decisions to make. In this session you will discover: whether to go into business alone or with a partner; the type of business organization to use; and what professional advisors to select. Should You ...

GEM UAE - Entrepreneurship - An Emirati Perspective

This report examines key aspects of entrepreneurship among Emiratis measuring their attitudes, activities, and aspirations. It reveals that Emiratis have positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship with nearly 80 per cent perceiving entrepreneurship as a good career choice and 60 per cent seeing goo...

The Importance of Business Development to SMEs

Provided by Potential, Content Partner for SME Knowledge UAE Grow or DieThe business environment today makes it essential that small and mid-sized companies make the issue of growth a priority. With the rapid changes in technology and business methods, any company that is not growing ...


The purpose of this exercise is to bring more awareness to the applicants (current and future applicants) to better understand risks associated with their respective business, understand the likelihood and impact of those risks, and better understand how to minimize or mitigate those risks.Attachmen...